Thank you.

This post is dedicated to my aunt's helper, Monaliza (liza, in short).

She's leaving back to Philippines today for her short break of 10 days and it happens only once a year, I cannot imagine her anxiety of seeing her kids and family again after 2 years of not seeing them personally (the last time she went back was 2 years ago), recently she hasn't been sleeping well and sometimes she didn't sleep throughout the whole night. 

Just last few weeks, she excitedly shouted my name and say, 'wini wini! (laughing) My children just asked me what are macarons (through FB massage)! hahaha, they didn't try before! I think they just saw it on TV hahaha!' I guess she's secretly happy because she always get to eat the macarons I make here at home, and its also one dessert she loves.

Just to divert the point a little..I always feel we are very blessed to be born in Singapore, a safe country (at least compared to other countries), but the world is so much more, our basic meals and homes are luxury to many people back in Liza's hometown.. she always tell me about how many houses around her neighbourhood are being robbed and etc. Though it sounds dangerous, I cannot wait for the day I can travel to Philippines and to visit Liza and her family, it would definitely be a great traveling experience.

Anyway, after our conversation then I knew her kids never came across macarons, never seen it (till that day) and never knew how it tasted. At that moment I knew I have to make a batch for them to try ;)

I definitely don't consider myself as any master in making macarons, I always thought it is pure luck I get those feet popping out the little shells..anyhow feet is just small part of a batch of successful macarons. Okay I don't deny practice sure helps, but I'm definitely not there yet, I think I only just made the mark, or slightly below. There's many other important points like not getting hollow shells, not getting it to stick on the baking paper (due to over mixing of the batter, believe me, I still get some sticking at times). I'm thankful however, to be able to bake these little ones and put a smile on others, small things like this makes me very happy. :)

So next, you must be thinking, what's between the shells. What else than the good ol' chocolate ganache? My family loves it, I love it, and Liza loves it, I mean who doesn't? I sure believe her kids will love it since they are chocolate lovers. And I think kids love surprises; so I put these little sweet in the middle, i think this acts like a mini piñata I guess? ;)

Anyway, back to the point, thank you Liza, I haven't been very good with expressing my gratitude towards you, in case you guys are wondering why, she's always so ready to help me clear the mess in the kitchen when I have a busy week baking, she's not obliged to do it but she does it willingly. Then she helps to mop the floor etc. Also she helps to do the dinner at times when grandma's legs are too painful from all the standing and lends her helping hand to take care of my grandparents, simple things like reminding them to eat their medicine, but it means so much to us..and also to me since I have my own work commitments too. She's been a great help for the past 6 years and this is only what I can do for her and her family.

Thank you again, so much, Liza.
Many may not realise, but it is a blessing to be able to bless others, and you've been a blessing to our family too :')