Rose Chrysanthemum Tea

Just some small updates, I wish I have more time in front of my Apple, typing my heart out. I'm feeling extremely uninspired lately, I guess its due to the overpacked schedule I have in May. About 4 and a half month running a business on my own calls for so much reflections and improvements. I've learnt so much through experiences and I believe I will continue to learn much more in this journey that I want to take, as a baker, as a cake decorator.  

The past couple of months opened many doors of opportunities for me, I joined Gushcloud, met awesome people who always readily lend their helping hands, I ventured on dessert tables when I have absolutely no knowledge and experience how it should go and operate.. collaborations start to form, these experiences were


. Through all these success and downfalls saw a stronger me, and also a weary me. I secretly can't wait to slow down my order intake in June, July.. and August; to improve on my management of this business and also my baking skills. Such a busy schedule has very much deprived me of time to search for new inspirations, be it flavour or cake designs. And also my initial aim of sharing clean recipes to my readers, I feel extremely bad for the hiccup. I'll put more effort into these time management.

September onwards (till the end of 2014) will see me completely stopping my orders intake due to a bigger commitment I have..and yes I will share it in a more thorough note in time to come ;) 

Here's something light to share, don't forget me! :p 

To be honest, I was never really a fan of tea. I prefer caffeine WAY more compared to tea. The only tea I love (really love) is a good quality cup of green tea. But this calms my nerves, and I really need a cup now.

Rose Chrysanthemum Tea 


  • 4 small dried rose
  • 4 chrysanthemum 
  • Some wolf berries 
  • Hot water


  1. In a tea making cup, put all ingredients together and soak them in hot water for about 10 minutes and you're on your way to calming your nerves! :)