Mother's Day Macarons - Camellia Series.

Mother's Day Macarons - Camellia Series.

Camellia Series – Mother’s Day Designer Special
Inspired by Moms, for Moms.
The Camellia Flower speaks the epitome of Beauty & Faith, it translates the relentless Faith and Love all a mother has for their children. The flavours of this series perfectly balances between sweetness and bitterness- illustrating the story behind a mother’s love. 

Incorporating floral designs has always been a symbolic specialty of my cake designs, it is no exceptions for these macarons as well. I illustrated hand-painted work on every Raspberry Cheesecake Macaron applying water-colour hand-painting technique. Each macaron is individually painted with roses using edible colours to enhance the soft edges of the flower, hours of meticulous effort are put in on the finishing touches. The flavours of this series are re-created with all factors of my youth in presence, given my Godmom is a fan of cheesecakes, cheesecakes will always be a birthday cake- for now it shall be raspberry cheesecake macarons. The taste of Lavender Earl Grey depicts my moms (I grew up with being really close to my aunt, so it seems like I have 2 moms), their efforts in bringing me up is just the perfect epitome of the flavour. 

I cannot say more about this launch- my girls and I put in so much effort to prepare for it. Here's the catch, the tougher the challenge, the sense of satisfaction increases not accordingly, but exponentially. It's always good to keep in mind that every failure will render a precious learning experience, you never really lose out. It's all in the mind. Running and growing a business taught me so much, I have so much more to learn. I'll dedicate a post to it. 

For now, I am just over-exhilarated for you all to try it. I myself reserved it because, hand-written messages on Pearlyn and Paper's card is more precious than any gift. May I now take this opportunity to talk about Pearlyn's work. Inspired by a mother’s love, fiercely strong yet ever so endearing, Pearlyn creates a beautifully illustrated greeting card with a charming mix of soft pastels and metallic gold accents. The artwork is hand-painted, digitalized and printed on a luxurious textured cardstock with shimmering foil text, lovingly handled on every step for a mum who deserves no less.

I met Pearlyn through Instagram. You'd be surprise by how many people I actually met through this platform, and how we built a friendship. Pearlyn is currently in Spain, Barcelona but this doesn't stop us from communicating and continue working on projects. This Mother's Day is one that we really love- if you haven't figured, the theme is focused on hand-painting, which is both our favourite when it comes to revealing our creativity mindset. Creativity, is a bottomless pit (if I can say so), it is unlimited, and that is why my heart fell for it. Pearlyn is also the master tutor behind my hand painting work! We met for the first time face to face during Chinese New Year this year and she brought along all her painting tools, doing a private jamming session with me teaching sugar flowers. Talk about the positive vibes of Social Media. 

Her work is absolutely a charm. I have been stalking her for almost a year on Instagram before making an approach to interact with her through messages. I honestly cannot remember who started the ball-rolling but I'm so glad we did. She's a mummy to be now! Rey is going to be such a sweetheart, just like her mom. 

I adore my new website done by Jeremy and team.

Happy Mother's Day to all you amazing women in this world.