Salted Caramel Chocolate Baileys Cake.

For the longest time I have been wanting to do this. I started this blog purely wanting to share pictures of food/ cakes I make and photograph. This blog doesn't have a long stretch of history, but it has seen me move on important stages in life, and hence it automatically transformed itself as a documentary blog of my life as well; it celebrated my milestones, kept my favourite memories and writings, and now its all about what I love to do. I kinda sorted out the tabs you see above, and they're self-explanatory. I shall leave the recipe tab as what it is because that was what got me started, I have no idea when I can resume that but let's just let it be for now as I concentrate on the priorities in my life now. 

This year really FLEW by, and i think its safe to say I'm not the only one who thinks so? It felt like yesterday I just packed my suitcases and ready to fly back home from D.C., and now I'm sitting here, manning a business. Boy, where has all that time went?? I don't think I am going into how crazy it is trying to start/ man a business, its just another turmoil nobody wants to get reminded of. I'm just thankful that I have angels constantly guiding me along and despite all the challenges trying to bring me down, (I hid under my blanket, I close my eyes, I cry, then I wipe them off), I get up every time. It has been such a cycle. People (including me) really underestimated the toughness of entrepreunership. Cry all you need when you're sad, release that negative emotion then pull yourself up again. This is really important. Instead of constantly thinking how bad the situation is, think of solution to move on. 

I have also recently became a vivid fan of Humans of New York. Brandon? is amazing. Most of the time I rely on the posts to help me move on with life, when you think you're in a bad state, look around you and you will know you are not. Everyone has a situation to face so mindset is really crucial in helping you face any problems in life. Let's just share one that really impacted me. Here is what Vira Shao told Brandon:

“I graduated college early because I was eager to get into the real world, but the job search is tougher than I imagined. I think people are afraid to hire me because I’m young. I’ve probably applied to over two hundred jobs. I’ve found that for every ten applications, I get one call back. And for every five call backs, I get one in-person interview. I’ve had seven of those so far.”
“Do you wish you hadn’t graduated early?”
“I try not to think about it. I could apply to ten more jobs in the time I spent thinking about that.”

So loads of positive and encouraging comments followed the picture and here is what she said in return:

 I am the girl in this picture and I would like to say the following:

"I am about to board a one-way flight to SFO. I do not have a lot of money, a place to stay, or a job lined up, but I believe in the potential for technology to make life better and I am determined to work in the HR department of a company that feels the same way; I think many of those companies are in California.

For most of the day, I have been exceedingly anxious, but right now, I am consumed by another emotion. I am simply overwhelmed by the support I am getting. To everyone who is cheering me on, thank you so much. I am checking in my bags with twice as much self-confidence and resolution to succeed because of the positive things you say."

Kudos to you amazing people who helped her feel better in life. xx

And yes, like what I have said on Instagram. I often bake when I was a student but ever since running a business I barely had the time to bake casual anymore. #truthbetold I can't wait to get some help (yes, anyone wants to intern with me?). 

I know I can never go wrong with doing chocolate cakes because really? I don't think anyone hates them. And because Mom and P ain't too big a fan heavy chocolate flavours (I am by the way, just saying), salted cameral chocolate baileys is the way to go. And what could possibly go wrong when this is the top seller of your business? ;) We blew the candles, cut the cake, savour them and I think I just planted the widest smiles I have ever seen on their faces because I masked the entire surprise so well. Looking at those grins makes me the happiest person on Earth. Happy birthday my two angels. Thank you to those who helped me with the surprise plot! 

Happiness comes in the form of giving. That is exactly what I mean. :)

I am soooo looking forward to September!!! Worked extremely hard for them. So many good things are going to happen I can't wait to share. X