Old Country.

I love this set of photos, I truly do. It was a dream come true, all over again. Glenn went beyond expectations. You see, the thing with me is I always vacillate between keeping in and pouring out. The personal trip to Washington D.C almost 1.5 years back definitely helped in stepping out of comfort zone. Glenn's photos are exceptional, I knew I had to start the ball-rolling. I am so glad I did. My team and I came up with a game plan- direction and visual, we decorated the cakes and Glenn nailed it. 
Looking through the photos triggers a certain kind of emotional emotions words can't even suffice. Ever since I started venturing into cake & cake decorating as a true blue full time career, I have had many goals and dreams on my list I want to fulfil, thank you Glenn, for helping me do a big tick on this one. It was all I ever dreamt for it to be. 

Also, a huge thank you to NOSH for providing the most lovely location for this shoot. x 

I recently had a talk with a friend and he reminded me this- Reality and social norms are what they are because you have decided to conform yourself to it, remember you can always do different. Create the reality you choose to believe in. This is not the life to live risk-free. 
Risk all you need to achieve your dreams. 

Location: NOSH
Cakes: Winifred Kristé Cake
Photo credits: Glenntaubenfeld