Lust for Rust: An Engagement Party.

What renders happiness in my work (despite all the unglamorous slogging behind) is it provides an open platform and opportunity to work with talented people, even if it's just sitting down discussing about creative projects. I never really feature any of the projects but this is a must because we fell in love with it the moment we are done setting up. Ethel and I took a step backwards, and thought we shouldn't let any photo taking opportunity slip away and hence equipped with my camera, I shot a series of them like firing a machine gun before the whole party started. 

This is the first time Ethel and me came together to work on a project, and what are the odds of the bride contacting the both of us through emails for the same party (?!) We were exhilarated when we knew about it, like, who wouldn't?! and of course, both of us being crazy fans of rustic themes. Evangeline was really generous with us going with the flow, only thing she indicated was she wanted reds & purples in them, and so there she go :) 

I'm less on words on this one because I think the photos will do justice, so I shall let them do the talking. Gotta go bake more cakes for now! 

Honestly, I didn't have a fix idea of how the sugar flowers are going to flow, I usually only have a rough idea of the whole look so I just made a lot of them and try to sync the colours to the same palette so they will match, I can have a sketch but trust me they always end up looking different because I always input more ideas or take them out if they don't sync. In the end I rejected a lot of sugar flowers and also broke a lot while arranging them into a cascading form. 

I have never done a wedding cake with having to incorporate brown in them, marbling never really crossed my mind until I was at wits end thinking how to have it suit the theme (designing process can be tedious sometimes haha), not really a fan of having brown wood grains on the cake, thinking it may look like a tree trunk instead. This is also my first time trying to put so many different kinds of flowers cascading down the body of the cake (which is what I have been yearning to do). Thankfully I made it & it all came together well. I think this is my favourite (for now), I don't get contented for long, it wouldn't be too long till I get unhappy with this and want to move on to more, problems with a perfectionist? 

Labour day spent working never felt better. Cannot feel more privileged to be doing this together with the sweetest girl I know! & also biggest thank you to Jonus and Evangeline for allowing us to do this. :) 

Groom & Bride: Jonus & Evangeline
Centre piece cake: Winifred Kriste Cake
Styling, Desserts, Floral arrangement: Little Favors by Ethel
Photography Credits: Winifred Lua