Tough times don't last, tough (wo)men do.


“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

― Neale Donald Walsch

My meeting with the 2nd wedding couple of the year - Every time a wedding couple request for a meet up to discuss about the details about their wedding cake/ dessert table, mmix feelings that to rumble in me - butterflies start to fly, and the next moment was filled with uncontainable excitement that I could meet them and explain to them more so they can get a clearer picture of everything. I mean, what feels better than being recognised in your very own profession, what more the opportunity to present yourself in front of someone who has chosen you to do it. I'm still so new to this and I can't be more honoured and grateful when wedding couples choose me to be part of their big day. I'm also more than happy to be able to talk to them to answer their enquiries; as much as I can help them in their dessert area, so they can focus on getting the other parts of errand running for their wedding. 

Despite all these fulfilling moments, I sure must clarify the back-end may not always appear to be a rainbow. There are many, many moments of stress, anxiety, and frustrating moments when work isn't on a smooth trial; sometimes its all sweat and tears. I was having a chat with one of my friends who also has his entrepreneurial journey and we both share so much of the same thoughts. I find myself not being able to sleep in my early hours anymore and email replying/ cake drafting/ working on proposals often eats into my midnight (which is so unhealthy, and its affecting my body overall, need to do something about it). - Others just don't see it.

Oh but please do not get me wrong, I still absolutely enjoy what I am doing, I love baking and designing cakes and confectioneries, creating something for that special occasion brings me overwhelming joy and satisfaction, especially when a dessert table is set up or the wedding cake is being placed at the venue. It brings me even more satisfaction when guests love what I did.  

With that said, if you want to have a business and keep it going, don't even think if starting it if you do not have perseverance, or if you're one who is often comfortable with status quo (I'm still trying to hard to adjust and get out of my comfort zone).

Oh anyhow, on a brighter note, my dearest tex-utee, Tristy texted me to show me some macarons ideas and also telling me she misses me, hehe absolutely such a dear :*) its been great past 2 years tutoring her math and the thought of not being able to accompany her up her studies to secondary 3 makes me pretty sad, but everything has its ending. We gotta move on somehow! :) looking forward to meet ups with her when we are both less busy with our lives, busy secondary school kids these days!