Fat Burning Berries Smoothie

Singapore's weather is crazily humid and warm sometimes I wonder how do I even survive in that hot kitchen of mine, making fondant cakes in this kind of weather just doesn't work, it sucks to know I have to do so many precautions to it and sometimes when my customers do not know how to handle the cake in such a weather.. I don't blame them at all because it can be tricky handling it its time I start considering doing delivery to all of them, but only until I get a trusty pair of hands. This stupid weather and lack of sleep is taking its troll on me, I have like a swamp of pimples gathering for a meeting on my forehead; now I'm down with flu and headache starts creeping in. It's not good because I have shit loads of errands and work to do this week followed by a big scale dessert table this weekend. 

To sidetrack a little, I just wanted to share that yesterday's attendance at Jordan Belfort's seminar was indeed an eye-opening one, woah. I really cant be more thankful to Gushcloud for this chance, an opportunity hear the Real Wolf of Wall Street speak life about his business successes and failures, and how and what we should do to strive for success. He probably hit bull's eye on all mistakes and fears an young entrepreneur faces in life, or at least for me. It was such a humorous and enriching session. This guy is crazy but I like it.  If you guys haven't caught the movie "Wolf of Wall Street" its time you do it because it is SO enlightening. I HAD A PHOTO WITH HIM TOO *Fan girl mode on* 

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I love fruits. Raspberries, amongst all other berries has the highest level of Vitamin C, is full of antioxidant & anti-inflammatory phytonutrient mixture. But I admit red raspberries are too sour for me to eat it naked so I usually go with others, in this case a smoothie is a great choice in this weather. You may also replace with black raspberries. 

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Okay so basically smoothies can be categorised into 2 major kinds, those with diary and those plainly with fruits and vegetables. Which one do I prefer? Both. I LOVE SMOOTHIES. Just the hassle of washing up turns me off at times but in this weather?! Ice cold smoothie yes please!! 

Thinking about how raw vegetables can be gross/ bitter/ spoils the taste of your cup of smoothie? No it won't, that I can assure you. I have managed to convince my family who turns away from these raw stuff so badly till they are enjoying it now - the sweetness of the fruits you add into your vegetables in that blender is going to cover any taste the veg has. The point is, you won't even know there's greens in them if you blind fold someone to ask them to drink it. 

I throw my cup into the freezer after I have blended them up for that extra coldness or sometimes if I crave ice cream, they are going to be my remedy! Raspberries yogurt smoothie that afternoon because my tummy was calling for something sweet amongst the sourness - chocolate chips! I threw in some and blended all them up, they tasted like Javachips from Starbucks, homemade & perfect. Don't you love that pastel pink colour of smoothie too? 


Fat Burning Berries Smoothie
(Recipe adapted from www.healthambition.com)


1/2 cup soy milk
6 ounces Greek Yogurt
Semi-sweet Chocolate Chips 
1 cup fresh raspberries
1 cup ice/ frozen raspberries 


Combine milk, yogurt, fresh raspberries & ice, OR frozen raspberries in the blender.
Blend for 1 minute & transfer to a glass and eat with a spoon. Or freeze till harden for about 2 hours and enjoy it as an ice cream.