Salmon Miso Oatmeal

Salmon Miso Oatmeal

I know. The first impression many would give when they hear oatmeal would be eewww. For many reasons oatmeal tend to be linked to old people, soft food, baby food, tasteless,boring...but no, not here. Do you love Japanese food? Love their miso soup? Then congrats! You have just found yourself the best combination of miso and oatmeal here! Think Miso soup but added with soft congee - yup thats right, it doesn't even taste like oatmeal. 

Salmon MISO Oatmeal Porridge 
(Feeds 1 pax) 
I go by guts feeling, so all these are an approximate, do try this and feel for yourself.


1 tomato
1 normal cup of drinking water (add more if you prefer watery kind of 'porridge')
Broccoli (depends on how much you like)
Pumpkin (optional)
Oats (choose the instant kind, not those rolled oats that are super thick) I usually eat 1 handful and slightly a bit more, just grab with my hands
MISO paste (best part of the dish)
One slice of salmon 


  • Cook using a pot & medium heat, stir fry the tomato cubes with about 1tsp of olive oil.
  • Add the cup of water, and let it boil. (u may turn to the highest heat for faster boiling)
  • After it has boiled, turn back to medium heat and throw in your broccoli and pumpkin, and the oats, stir them all together and turn to medium low heat, let it cook slowly.
  • Now time for the MISO (awesomeness), add to the taste of your liking, (I usually put about 1 tsp?) add bit by bit if you're unclear!
  • Cover it with lid to let it cook and keep checking & stirring. 
  • When it is almost ready, add in the salmon and close the lid back and let it simmer inside for 2-3 mins. 
  • Pour it into a bowl and be ready to enjoy!