Hello, June!

Hello, June!

Hello June, you're finally here! I can't explain this joy. The month of May have been so busy, so so busy I feel that my whole body was falling apart but through all those stress, anxiety and teary moments I saw myself grow in knowledge, experience and mental strength. Thank you Gina, Pamela and Mel who have been with me through those baking & events, my dessert table decor-in-charge/ partner, Connie (having 5 dessert tables in a month is plain crazy with the limited manpower I have now) and also mentors I have met along the way, the (almost) first half of the year has been really fulfilling. Also thank you for those who have been patiently waiting for my email replies, I'll be clearing them today after a good rest yesterday. Officially left with 3 more months till I step out of this space to explore for greater times ahead. I'm so afraid but I secretly cannot wait for September to come at the same time. Just the thought of it is driving me pretty insane (in a positive way). 

Anyway, do allow me to give a short introduction to my new space. I'm always a minimalist theme person, my blogs have always stayed this way (you can see it from my previous blog) because I like things clean and simple, there goes too. With that said, I have also moved my content from my previous blog, so don't worry about missing them! With this new space, you guys can easily navigate recipes according to categories (please pardon, some are still working in progress) from the tabs above and for me myself, can also look back when I needed motivation at times. I worked very hard for this new space, and I love it so I do hope you guys will love it too! :)

Other stuff are pretty self-introductory, feel free to roam around, give a thumbs up & drop me a comment if you'd wish to too! 

Through those busy times I realised the importance of rest, I never treasured my free times so badly, really. Especially after fatty started work, I never treasured Sundays so much with him. Its indeed true a break is always a need for the body to rejuvenate and recover for a longer battle ahead. I'll most probably be limiting my order intake for the next couple of months anyway.. 

The other saturday saw me free-ing out my weekends to attend a flower arrangement workshop by Eunice (Co-founder of Carpenter & Cook) along with MayAnn and other ladies. Its always nice to meet new people as we all get to learn something new from each other as we chat along, isn't it? I love classes like these, we get to meet people with the same interests, sharing ideas and opinions. Though it was a short 3 hours class, it was a fruitful morning! Its always new knowledge learnt when you learn to open your ears and to listen to what others has to say. 

Lovely setting with flowers and antique, vintage pieces around the place makes it a very soothing environment to be in. To be honest, flowers magically light up the atmosphere of any place. Their natural scent, their aura and their beautiful outlook are perfect presentation. It's so visually pleasing. I can almost imagine my future place to be full of flowers already.. I have such weakness for white spaces and natural lights.. and also city lights at night. 

And what's ending a class with Eunice without Carpenter&Cook's signature pastries? Warmed up to the perfect temperature to savour, definitely one of the best quiche I have tried, I can't even. 

Anyway, for the past month I have also been working hard, experimenting and have prepared quite a few recipes, it's looking good I can't wait to share! Psst. Do look out for this space as I have many other greater things to share in time to come too ;) 

Eunice, herself is such an inspiration. I always thought to myself why didn't I be more persistent in go towards the direction I wanted to, instead of taking the normal University degree which the popular crowd did. I guess I wasn't sure what I really wanted at that point of time and wanting to drop out half way through uni just doesn't make sense. But now that I know what I really love, I never want to repeat my previous foot steps, I want to follow where my heart gravitates towards. 

Have a great week ahead, everyone