Quick, easy & healthy meals..for busy people like me & you!

Realised "I'm too busy to do this & that/ too busy to exercise/ to busy to prepare my meals..." is becoming your daily excuses? You can start changing that habit from today onwards :) 

These 4 meals are easy to prepare, you can get these ingredients conveniently from supermarkets, and they don't even require much cooking! With that said, these meals are more suitable for day meals such as breakfasts/ snack in between your breakfast & lunch or for lunch. I try to stay away from carbs after lunch! 

Let's start from the top left and move in clockwise direction:

1. Quick scramble on whole wheat bread
  1. Cut an avocado into half, slice them into cubes in their halves and then scoop them out into a bowl.
  2. Beat one egg in a bowl till fluffy and scramble them on the pan, I swear this cooking takes less than a minute! Throw in your smoked salmon before putting them in the bowl of avocados.
  3. Slightly toss them together & serve on your whole wheat bread. 

2. Clean Rojak style (I'm sorry Rojak seems like the most suitable word I can use to describe this!)
  1. Take out a plate (DUH).
  2. Cook a quick scramble egg (same as above) & start plating the rest.
  3. Granola (pre-baked, you may check www.joyofbaking for the recipe), cottage cheese, cut GREEN kiwis, & smoked salmon. 
3. Stack your eggs & ham
  1. Cook an egg till you get it hard-boiled then fold your ham into half. 
  2. Cut 2 slices of whole wheat toast into half, & start stacking them! It's as easy to do as it looks.
  3. You may add a salad at the side if you wish too, that's always a bonus! 
4. Clean BIG BREAKFAST (Yup, now you can throw Macdonalds aside)
  1. Same old thing, cook egg, slice kiwis (Do you know all the nutrients are in its skin? I'll teach you how to clean it so its edible), wash strawberries, smoked salmon (store bought), toast bread.
  2. Put them all together..& take a picture! Haha, kidding, pack them in your lunch box or eat them right away! 

  1. Place the (hairy) kiwi under very tiny running water. 
  2. Use take a metal teaspoon (the one you use for all your coffee/ tea etc) and gently start scrapping the kiwi skin, it almost feels like you're skinning it alive, but hey place a bowl below if you don't believe, by the time you finish scrapping the whole kiwi, all its hair will drop/ fall onto the bowl.
  3. Wash it under bigger running water thoroughly this time, cut into slices and start absorbing all your nutrients! 
Really hope this post is helpful, to all busy busy bzzzzz people! See, its not difficult/ expensive to eat clean... and remember your workout sessions peeps! 

Warmest Regards,