Chocolate Hazelnut Macarons.



Macarons, are fun to play with; with that I mean they can give you the most unexpected results every time you try making them. After failing more than 20 batches, I screamed at the first batch I succeeded. But since then, every time my heart still feels uneasy and at risk each time I put a tray of macaron batter into the oven - can you feel this 'I don't know what will happen next' feeling? 

Some times they rose with feet, perfectly. Some times they rose and deflate when they come out of the oven. Some times they don't get cooked...and the list goes on. After baking quite a fair bit of macarons, I proudly say - I still don't understand them. Every time I try adding something new to it, somewhere, somehow, some things will go wrong, haha! I'm such a hopeless hoper, I always try to experiment things on my own without following direct recipes on websites and hoping I can succeed with my own ways.

Still trying to understand chocolate macarons and trying to perfect the texture. Till the next macarons post!